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Welcome to GVG Invivo Hospitals!

HEALTH & BEAUTY goes hand in hand. We restore it from within

GVG Invivo Hospitals believes that OUR LIFE can be beautiful only when all in the family are in good health. Caring for what we believe, We practice multi-disciplinary approach to optimise the same beyond proper diagnosis and treatment. OUR Team is resolved to restore & revitalise your health to super-health & join your family in rejoicing LIFE.


How do we do it?

Specialists & Super Specialists with expertise in dealing with common ailments to complex lifestyle diseases, Children to Elderly, Birth defects to Bed sores, simple Nail injuries to precise microsurgical Replantation of hand, Hair transplant for fathers to Mummy makeover for mothers…… with world’s best technology. Masters in the respective field have come together to practice evidence based medicine as per NICE Guidelines.

Welcome to GVG Invivo Aesthetic Clinics too!!

I take immense pleasure in inviting you to GVG Invivo Aesthetic CIinics located in a dedicated 2nd Floor of GVG INVIVO HOSPITALS, a world class facility dedicated to addressing your aesthetic concerns. Once you are our guest, the GVG Invivo team will stay beside you throughout the journey of making a pleasing change in you and go an extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. During my stint in the UK as an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, I had been a part of Extreme Makeover series and I found that the best results are an amalgamation of the team effort where brilliant minds with modern tools make all the aesthetic difference. I had then conceptualized the idea of offering such a facility and service that addresses all concerns related to aesthetics under one roof in India. The concept came alive through GVG Aesthetic Health Centre in 2007-8 now became popular as DrGVG Aesthetic Clinics where in a group of multi-disciplinary professionals leading Aesthetic Specialty clinics work in tandem at our state-of-the-art facilities to take on any aesthetic problems and execute them to perfection however complex may be they are. With many aesthetic clients from the west & Middle East and now from the EAST trickling down to GVG for aesthetic surgeries, I am looking forward to making GVG Invivo Aesthetic Clinics your most preferred global destination for Aesthetic Medicine Plastic Surgery. Nine years gone-by . . . . It is such a delightful feeling to pause for a moment at this turn of the beautiful path of the journey of DrGVG to GVG Invivo Hospitals, A Fisrt of tis kind Hospital in India for Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine and Surgery. It is so gratifying to put the smiles on the face of thousands of our happy clients benefitting from lasting Aesthetic outcomes from our various Aesthetic plastic surgery, Dental, and Medical procedures. This fills my heart with joy and at the same time reminds me of the group’s mission and multiplies my responsibility to make more and more of my dreams for GVGroup come true as we tread this exciting path. A lot learned . . . A lot given . . . . . But lots more to look forward to ……………… ……to see a pleasant change in YOU.