Jawline Definition

Jawline surgery is performed to reshape the jaw and/or chin for cosmetic or physiological reasons.

Ever noticed that having a sharp, defined jawline is a sign of health, fitness and youth? At any age, a well-defined jaw helps show off a more youthful you.

If you've struggled to get the jawline of your dreams despite diet and exercise, have jowls and loose skin beginning to obscure your jawline or noticed that you may be prone or predisposed to never having a defined jawline despite excellent overall health and fitness, fear not! At Invivo Aesthetics, We have some nonsurgical and surgical options available.

What Can Jaw Contouring Surgery achieve?

If you feel that your lower face is too wide and square in appearance and want a long term solution to achieve a slimmer face shape, jawline contouring surgery may be an option. Squareness of your face can be caused by a few factors. It could be due to an excessive angle at the posterior part of the mandible below the ear, or the thickness of the jaw bone itself, or enlarged jaw muscles involved in chewing. By reducing the angle of the jaw bone and modifying the jaw muscles on the sides of your face, this surgery can help create a more feminine jaw shape and a more egg-shaped face

However if you are facing the opposite problem of not having enough jaw definition and are concerned about your lower face being too narrow, customized jaw angle facial implants can offer a good contouring option for the jawline augmentation. Jaw augmentation, or mandibular augmentation does not necessarily involve cutting of the bone, as the implants are designed to be added on top of the bone, beneath the jaw muscles.

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Frequently asked questions

Growth of the upper and lower jaws at different rates, thumb sucking, breathing problems or birth defects are some factors that may lead to misaligned jaws. Problems of speech, difficulty in chewing, swallowing, irregularity of the smile and the facial appearance are some of the effects one may experience from a misaligned jaw.

Orthognathic surgery not only gives you a perfect jawline and a beautiful smile but also adds to the overall oral health by improving  jaw functionality. This prevents gum related problems that are otherwise caused by an abnormal bite and this procedure also improves the breathing efficiency.

No, it is not always possible to improve on abnormal bite with teeth alignment alone. Orthognathic surgery is necessary to resolve and correct larger skeletal discrepancies by balancing out the bones of your face and jaw. This is a procedure that has greater versatility in creating an aesthetically improved face.


The patient is usually mobilised to ensure that they can get back to an active lifestyle within a week’s time. Depending on your surgery your surgeon will advise the type of diet that you will be required to consume. We advise you to carry out your regular exercises and activities soon after surgery.

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