Double Chin Reduction

People who wish to get rid of their obstinate double chin and attain a defined chin and chiselled jawline can undergo double chin correction surgery at Invivo Aesthetics.

Surgery to treat a double chin involves removing excess skin and fat from the neck region. Depending on your objectives, a plastic surgeon may employ a single procedure, a mix of procedures, or both:

Liposuction removes extra fat from beneath the skin by chin liposuction (lipo).

Chin tuck (submentoplasty): The chin and upper neck are the only areas targeted by this procedure. It eliminates excess fat and tightens the skin.

A neck lift is more involved than a chin tuck (lower rhytidectomy). It tightens the muscles and removes extra skin. It covers the entire neck region, including the chin.


This is a long-lasting method of eliminating fat from that region and giving you a jawline with definition. There is little to no pain and no downtime. Under local anaesthetic, Invivo Aesthetics uses exceptional equipment to perform a very sensitive liposuction treatment. For three to four days, you must wear a chin strap before you may go back to work. For a week, only some bruising and swelling are anticipated.

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Frequently asked questions

You can expect immediate and permanent results post-surgery as the fat is physically removed. However, you should keep this in mind that the final result of double chin reduction surgery through liposuction also depends on the elasticity and quality of the skin. So, there is a possibility that you may not be satisfied with the final result and in that case, you can get additional procedures done. Also, factors like aging and weight gain may affect the final

Procedures that focus on the neck involve a series of different approaches, such as a neck lift and neck liposuction. The exact course of action depends on the individual’s needs. Liposuction loosens and takes out fat cells beneath the skin with a tiny cannula, while a neck lift repositions muscles and trims away loose skin that creates folds and wattles

The ideal patient for these procedures is someone who is healthy and slim, but who wants to lose some extra skin or diet -and exercise-resistant chin fat. A relatively young person with a good, firm skin tone may benefit from neck liposuction, but if you also have lots of loose, excess tissue, it may be best to combine fat reduction with a neck lift.

Some swelling, bruising, and discomfort are to be expected after surgery. You can usually return to work and engage in light activities after one to three days.

If you don’t want to have surgery, there are some minimally invasive options to consider to target fat cells that accumulate in the submental area. CoolSculpting® kills fat cells with cold, while Kybella® injections break the unwanted cells down. Note that neither of these options firms up stretched-out skin, though there are laser and other energy-based options that can help with laxity.

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