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At Invivo Hospitals in Bangalore, Our team of Oncology experts together take care of early diagnosis and treatment of all cancers. Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by the uncontrolled division and growth of abnormal cells in the body. Our team Oncologists Medical, Surgical and Radio oncology doctors who specialize in the field of oncology and are trained and experienced to manage various types of cancer. The team also includes Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons, Breast care and Cancer Care Nurses who support the Oncology Doctors and Patients with not only surviving the cancer but also the quality of life with restoration of missing parts and the lost confidence.

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  • check Radiation Oncology
  • check Nuclear Medicine
  • check Palliative Oncology
  • check Head and Neck Oncology
  • check Gyneacological Oncology
  • check Paediatric Oncology
  • check Paediatric Oncosurgery

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