Teeth Alignment

A smile can win millions of hearts. Having a perfect smile is a blessing in many ways. Whether you want a perfect selfie with a friend, win over your colleagues and boss, be the heart of a party or impress your sweetheart, half the work is already done with a perfect smile.

However, not everyone is blessed with perfectly aligned teeth which constitute an ideal smile. Many people have crooked teeth or misaligned bites that take away that charm form you. These misalignments not only affect the way you look but are also potential contributors to dental health issues.

The good news is that these irregular arrangements can be rectified easily. There are several types of teeth aligners that can amazingly reset your teeth in perfect alignment and position


  • The best option recommended by most of the dentist for teeth straightening is orthodontic treatment.
  • There are different types of braces available like metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners.
  • The orthodontist helps in deciding the best treatment option for the patient.
  • Depending upon the choice, the braces are fixed to the teeth.
  • The patient needs to visit the dentist every month for the tightening of the wires.

With constant evolution in the field, there are different types of braces available which you can choose based on your requirements. Some of the popular types of braces used these days are:


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