Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(HBOT) is a non invasive procedure during which patients breathe 100% oxygen while enclosed in a specially designed chamber at pressures up to three times that exerted by the normal atmosphere.
Red blood cells travel throughout your body, carrying necessary nutrients and gases to all the tissues and organs. One of the gases they carry is oxygen, which your body uses to maintain healthy tissues and repair damaged ones.

Inside the chamber, you receive 100 percent oxygen under more than 1ATA Atmosphere pressure which can be increased to 2 to 3 ATA Safely. More the pressure, more the oxygen that gets dissolved in the plasma of blood. Normally, the plasma at 1ATA pressure doesn’t carry O2 in the air that contains less than 21% O2, however, in HBOT, it does due to breathing of 100% under increased pressure at 1.5ATA to 3ATA. All you need to do is lie on a bed or sit in the chamber & relax while breathing in the oxygen. Your treatment session usually last 90 mins.

You may need multiple sessions depending on your condition. Some of the conditions where HBOT is indicated are given below

  • check Diabetic non-healing ulcers
  • check Post radiotherapy ulcers
  • check Crush Injuries to Muscles
  • check Sports injuries
  • check Sleep Apnaea
  • check Anaerobic Infections
  • check Necrotising Faciaiitis
  • check Pressure sores
  • check Stroke
  • check Post Hair transplant
  • check Postoperative
  • check ANTIAGING
Vascular insufficiencies General surgeon
Vascular surgeon
Plastic surgeon
Sport/Injuries Ortho surgeon
Sports physician
Retinal A Occlusion Ophthalmologist Stroke/Palsy(CP) Neurophysician
Venous Ulcers General surgeon
Vascular surgeon
Migraine General physician
Non Healing Ulcers General surgeon
Vascular surgeon
Vertigo/Meniere's General physician
ENT surgeon
Diabetic foot General surgeon
Autism Nero physician
Crush injuries/Compartment General surgeon
Ortho surgeon
Plastic surgeon
Vascular surgeon
Traumatic brain injury Neurosurgeon
Post Radio problems Oncologists
Onco radiologists
Onco surgeons
Facial (Bell’s)Palsy Neurophysician
Sudden Hearing Loss ENT surgeons
Speech & Hearing specialists
Fibromyalgia General physician
Gas Gangrene General surgeon
Vascular surgeon
Periodontal disease Dental surgeons
Faciomaxillary surgeons
Refractory Osteomyelitis Orthosurgeon Recurrent oral ulcers Dental surgeons
Oral surgeons
Severe Anemia general physician
Ulcerative colitis Gastroenterologist
Necrotising Fasciitis General surgeon
Plastic surgeon

You may need multiple sessions of HBO therapy for it to be effective. It’s often SUPPLEMENTARY to the other Mainstream treatments. Your treatment plan and results will vary, depending on your specific condition. For example, if you have a wound that hasn’t been healing as fast as it should or not healing at all, your doctor may recommend HBO therapy along with other treatments, such as wound care, bandaging, and antibiotics. Your wound may require 25 to 30 sessions of HBO therapy before it fully heals.
Inhalation of poisonous gases often requires fewer HBO therapy sessions than slow-healing wounds. For example, a single, significant exposure to carbon monoxide will require only one session of HBO therapy. Additionally, people who experience decompression sickness, or the bends, usually will only require one session to improve their symptoms significantly. In general, the more chronic the medical condition, the more sessions of HBO are required to achieve the effect.

Talk to your referring doctor and our Hyperbaric physician to learn more about your specific & joint treatment plan and outlook. They can help you learn how many sessions of HBO therapy you may need. They can also prescribe other treatments if you need them.

At GVG INVIVO HOSPITAL Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy ( HBOT )is being made available to society to fulfill its Mission to RESTORE, REVITALISE & REJOICE . The HBOT that was used in select life-saving situations for many decades has now become popular in the developed countries for its Limb saving & healing of the
Non-healing wounds on one hand to ANTIAGING on the other hand, to live longer, younger and agile

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