Square Face Correction

Square Jaw Reduction is a procedure of trimming a square or angulated chin into a slim and smooth jawline. 

It is considered a high level procedure due to several factors interlinked with this procedure. First, patients who receive this surgery often also have an asymmetrical face, which requires different techniques and approaches throughout the surgery.

You will know you are in good hands when you come to Invivo Aesthetics; we continue to research and advance our techniques to bring the best and safest results for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Rectangular chin surgery does not require an alignment pin. If you move your bones during cheekbone surgery and front jaw surgery, you should have an alignment pin until six months after the bone is properly attached.

– Square jaw surgery is not about tooth engagement, it is also not about tooth problems by resecting the part lower than the root of a tooth. However, if you have serious inflammation of your teeth, the inflammation may spread to the surgical area, so in this case, you need to perform surgery after dental treatment.

The bone stings are mainly related to the joints and are not related to square jaw surgery. And it is not like having a square jaw surgery that interferes with your teeth or weakens your jaw.

Normally, there is swelling as much as the extraction of a foot for the first week. After a month, it is time to lose a lot of swelling and look better. It takes about six months to one year to get rid of the small swellings.

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