Breast Enlargement Equalization & Augmentation

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Breast & Bra Conflict
Attention to the Breast & Bra conflict and the other problems of the breasts that women are suffering from, such as flat chest, small breasts, heavy large breasts, sagging-empty breasts and painful breasts.

For instance women with flat chested and under developed breasts, could feel inadequate as a women and create low self esteem.In contrast, what about the women who have no choice but to carry as much as 3 to 5 kilos of heavy breasts on their shoulders and bra straps?! while wiser people are opting for wheels to carry luggage to avoid nagging shoulders!. Neither is desirable, the former questions the very identity of womenhood, while the latter simply hurts!

Last year in USA alone, as per American society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons(ASAPS) statistics show about 2,96,203 young women with flat chest or small breasts chose to undergo Breast Augmentation at average cost of $4500,whereas about 82,871 women with heavy breasts underwent breast reduction with lift and 87,621 ladies chose to have breast lift alone. Interestingly this American statistics also found 15,879 men with prominent breasts had undergone corrective surgeries with lipo and gland removal to reclaim flat masculine chest.
India is fast catching up with this trend. The young and middle generation women are increasingly opting for such procedures.

A dedicated breast-care team at GVG Invivo is led by Dr Gunashekar Vuppalapati MBBS, MS, FRCS, MCh-(plast) having the vast experience from UK.


At GVG Invivo Hospitals most of them seek this positive change either at the beginning of their career, before their wedding and after pregnancies. GVG Invivo in the last 5 years have treated hundreds of such Breast related problems ranging from cosmetic enhancement to symptomatic relief with Breast Reduction as well as complete Restoration of Breasts following its removal during treatment of breast cancer. It is evident that even affluent educated people in India are largely ignorant about breast related problems and the available scientifically proven treatment options.

Of those whom sought treatment at GVG Invivo ,as much as 99% of women were not aware of Cup sizes or varies from B to D based on the body frame,this is widely available in Indian market as of now, but it is hard to find brassleres in other sizes.

1.  So the how is our women managing with this limited choice and mismatch between bra and breasts?
2. Does the trouble end by finding a suitable bra?
3. How can we overcome the limited confidence if the cup size is less than B cup and unlimited suffering, embarrassment or unwanted attention if the cup size is more than a D cup?

Reconstructive breast surgery may be done as a part of the treatment for Breast cancer. Cosmetic breast surgery is done for aesthetic purposes. Breast augmentation is normally cosmetic surgery.

Now our women do have access to a dedicated breast-care team including lady anesthetists and surgeons at GVG Invivo. The team offers full range of treatment options to resize or restore breasts to fit in a normal bra cup(c) while making it a pleasant experience.
With the experience gained by the team in the last 5 years, GV Group brings forward a series of awareness articles on how to end this breast and bra conflict forever in your life.

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Before & After

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For any assistance call Breast Care at
+91 9739 900900

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