Inverted Nipple Correction

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How are inverted nipples corrected?

Individuals can naturally develop inverted nipples, or they can occur after breastfeeding or surgery. To correct inverted nipples, a series of specialized stitches are placed around the nipple to push them out and provide a stable platform.

  • Inverted nipples make one’s to feel insecure, self-conscious, and embarrassed.
  • Nipple corrections are not discussed as often as it should be, not at all uncommon.
  • Correcting inverted nipples are a quick and simple procedure that may be performed under local anaesthetic.

There are 2 mechanisms for the Inverted nipples

  • When the breast ducts are too short or tightening of the duct’s tissue, creating an imbalance in traction between them and the smooth muscle that keeps nipples erect.
  • Too much connective tissues when presents in the nipple.

Following are the causes of Inverted Nipple:



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Measure completely around the bust at the fullest point. Hold the tape tight against the back but not too tight in the front. 


Using a soft tape, measure around the rib cage directly under the bust. The tape should be held tight, edge to edge with no space between it and your body.

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Frequently asked questions

Inverted nipple correction, sometimes referred to as inverted nipple repair, is a surgical procedure designed to provide a more outward projection for nipples that appear flat (“shy”) or deep-set within the breasts. Nipples that do not significantly protrude outward, or cannot maintain an outward protrusion after physical stimulation, are often present since birth in those affected by the condition; however, they can also occur due to certain kinds of infections, trauma, scarring, and even pregnancy.

  • Inverted Nipple Surgery is performed to release the inward pull of the nipple.
  • Nipple Reduction is a procedure to reduce the width and/or height of the big nipple

Inverted nipple correction offers an array of benefits for patients who would like to address what may have been a lifelong concern. Once the nipples are given a more outward projection, the shape and look of the nipples can be significantly improved. This can lead many patients to feel more confident about their appearance, particularly during intimacy.

The procedure should result in a more contoured, outward-projecting appearance to the nipples. The nipples should also still be able to react normally to physical stimulation, such as with touch or cold temperatures. Scarring from inverted nipple correction is typically well-concealed and virtually unnoticeable due to the minimal incision and its placement in the undersurface of the nipple.

Women that are still planning to have children may have serious concerns about their ability to breastfeed after inverted nipple correction. I tell patients that in all but the most severe cases of inversion, breastfeeding after surgery is possible and even probable for some patients. However, the more severe the inversion, the more likely milk ducts will be affected when bringing the nipple to a protruding position.

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