Skin Tanning / Pigmentation

Melanin, the skin pigment, increases throughout the tanning process as a result of UV Rays in solar exposure. This is the skin's natural defence mechanism against sun damage.

When exposed to intense sunshine, your body releases melanin just below the surface of your skin. This assists in absorbing UV radiation. Therefore, the pigmentation increases and the tan gets darker the more UV radiation is exposed to the skin.

Dr. Gunasekar Vuppalapati uses a Q- switched laser to remove skin darkening. Long-wavelength radiation that is emitted by the laser penetrates the skin at the target location and encourages the growth of new skin on top of the tanned layer. This procedure exfoliates tanned skin, revitalises it, and evens out skin tone.

Services for removing tan cover everything from a radiant, youthful appearance to more serious issues like hyperpigmentation and melasma. Our solutions provide you with flawlessly polished skin thanks to our extensive selection of cutting-edge lasers, chemical peels, and robust vitamin and mineral compositions.

The skin can be rejuvenated with the use of customised, easy-to-use treatments from Invivo Aesthetics. Our goal at Invivo Aesthetics is to empower both men and women to actively maintain or improve their beauty, particularly as they age. These services' application has been specifically created for males, and it is further tailored in accordance with a number of well researched aspects, such as their age, way of life, and goals.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Skin tanning will increase the risk of exposure to harmful rays of the sun and cosmic rays reaching the Earth. Skin Tan can lead to skin cancer and is always prevention is better than cure

It is always vital for you to treat your tanned skin before it gets way out of your hand. Tanned skin can lead to some disastrous results like skin ageing, skin damage, skin cancer and even have some negative impacts on the immunity system. So, getting best tan removal treatment has become a necessity now.

Any method, which is used for treating tan will involve exfoliation of the dead skin cells and will wash out the excessive accumulated melanin under the skin. So, there will be a uniformed tone to the skin. Moreover, our tan removal techniques will reduce any sign of ageing, as yet another plus point.

Laser tan removal technique is one of the noteworthy options used by a well-trained dermatologist. It is one best way to remove tan, where the expert uses laser device with Q Switched YAG laser. It helps in breaking down the pigment and then gets to reduce sun spots, tans and more.

Chemical peels are highly used for getting rid of tanned skin and will further help in quick exfoliation and skin cell regeneration. It does that by removing the top of the tanned skin layers. Peels come handy with multiple concentration strengths, which can treat tanned and dark skin by removing superficial dead cells or layers with extra melanin.

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