Buffalo Hump Reduction

A buildup of excess fat at the base of the back of the neck and between the shoulder blades is commonly referred to as a buffalo hump. This unsightly mound is a source of embarrassment for those who have it. If you suffer from this condition you may try to cover it with concealing clothing and avoid wearing revealing outfits that you would normally.

At Invivo Aesthetics, Dr. Gunasekar Vuppalapati understands your frustration with this condition and is happy to provide liposuction as a solution to remove the excess fat.

A buffalo hump is a hump located between the shoulders on your back. It may be caused by extra fat around the neck and upper part of the back. This can be successfully removed with liposuction.

If you have a hump on your back and are seeking a treatment option to remove this fat pocket, a consultation with Dr. Gunasekar Vuppalapati can help you learn whether you are an ideal candidate for this procedure

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Frequently asked questions

As we age, our metabolism slows and we begin to develop deposits of fat around our body. For most this happens in the usual areas of the abdomen, legs, and buttocks but for some, this excess fat can develop in less common areas. A buffalo hump is a term most cosmetic surgeons use for the fat that develops on the dorsocervical fat pad, which sits at the base of the back of the neck and between the shoulders.

A buffalo hump sign may be related to an underlying medical condition or medication, so it’s important to first discuss with your health care provider. It may be a side effect of different medications, including steroids as well as certain treatments for HIV/AIDS. Other cases may be related to obesity, genetic disorders, and alcohol use. Addressing the underlying cause may reduce the prominence of the buffalo hump.

There are a few options to solve an unsightly bra roll but it responds best to a combination treatment. Liposuction is useful but it is really most effective in combination with procedures that break down the fat tissue so that the skin can be stretched and smoothed.

There are several options for breaking down the fibers around the fat in the back.

This hump of build-up fat is not necessarily a serious condition, it is normally a result of obesity, but it could be caused from hormonal imbalance (e.g. Cushing Syndrome) and drugs’ side effects (e.g. steroid/AIDS medicines).

Tumours, cysts and kyphoscoliosis can cause similar hump shape but does not by itself cause excessive fat in the back of the neck and required a different treatments.

The hump can result in feeling self-conscious and miserable in men and women. In severe cases it can cause pain and restrictions their neck movements.

The recovery time is quick, usually back to work around 1-2 weeks, the final result about 3 months

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