Buttock - Augmentation

"Enhance Your Physique and Your Confidence with a Buttock Augmentation"

With significant weight loss, increasing age and the effects of gravity, the buttocks sag, and the skin gets loosened. The excess fatty tissue alters the taut, youthful appearance so often desired. Patients who seek an increase in size, shape, appearance, and proportion to their butt typically request Butt Lift Surgery.

Reasons for considering Butt Enhancement:

  • Flat Buttocks
  • Unflattering Buttocks shape
  • Lack of Butt Projection
  • Low Butt Volume
  • Decrease in volume of the butt due to weight loss
  • Change in butt volume/shape after pregnancy
  • Desire to have a more proportionate butt size

The Butt Augmentation Advantage

The Buttock Augmentation is designed to give a youthful shape and position to the buttocks. In several hours, you can have a more attractive derriere.

Buttock Implants are solid silicone implants that are placed in the buttocks through an incision between the Buttock cheeks.

Despite their solid silicone makeup, today’s buttock implants have a “squishy” natural feel, but nonetheless slightly firmer, almost resembling the gluteal muscle of someone who works out a lot.

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Frequently asked questions

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that enhances the natural curves of your bottom. During butt lift surgery, fat cells are removed from another area of your body using liposuction, and the living cells are transplanted into the buttocks to add volume for a curvier, sexier look.

The best candidates for a Brazilian butt lift are in good physical and mental health, unhappy with the shape or profile of their butt, and who have enough extra fat in localized areas, like the belly or thighs, that can be used to enhance their figure.

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and normal weight range, your results will be long lasting. Although there is a possibility of the injected fat being reabsorbed by the body, in most cases, at least 60-80% of the fat is maintained.

Both procedures are buttocks enhancing surgical techniques, but include different methods to achieve results. A Brazilian butt lift uses fat from another of your body. However, if you do not have sufficient fat to perform fat grafting, you can benefit from butt implants. Invivo Aesthetics offers a variety of shapes and sizes of butt implants to help you attain optimal results.

Most patients can return to work and normal activity within one to two weeks after the procedure. Your recovery will depend on how diligently you follow your post-surgical instructions and how fast you heal. The key to recovery is resting and not doing too much activity too soon.

You will be directed to use an inflatable pillow when sitting for at least eight weeks in order to ease discomfort and help you achieve a smooth recovery. Sitting directly on your buttocks too soon will cause a disruption in the fat transfer.

Although you will see immediate results, as the swelling and bruising subsides over the next few weeks, you will begin to notice greater results. Over the course of the next few months, the fat will continue to stabilize. Most patients are able to enjoy final results in about four to six months

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